Support Ticket System using PHP and MySQL

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Support Ticket System Package Includes:

  • Full Source Code of the project.
  • Project Report ( in doc and pdf format contains 47 pages).
  • Project PPT

The project and Report are Downloadable immediately after payment made successful.

“Support-Tickets System” software offers numerous benefits to system administrators. It acts as a web-based ticket system that manages inquiries, as well as other types of support processes. The software also ranks inquiries and classifies them all by priority.

This type of software can also help reduce the amount of training that’s needed for the support staff. As a result, support staff can become experts in a shorter amount of time. Such an advantage allows for a much speedier resolution of tickets.

In this project there are two module admin, user.

  1. Dashboard: In this section, admin can briefly view total sub-admin, all tickets received, Total New Tickets, Total In-Process Tickets, Total On-Hold Tickets, Total Tickets Resolved, Total Category and Total Knowledge-Base.
  2. Sub-Admin: In this section, admin can manage sub-admins (add/delete/update).
  3. Category: In this section, admin can manage category (add/delete).
  4. Tickets: In this section, admin can manage tickets and resolved user’s queries.
  5. Reports: In this section, admin can view the and check tickets details in a particular period.
  6. Knowledge Base: In this section, admin can manage knowledge-base(Add/Update/Del)
  7. Profile: User can update his/her profile.
  8. Change Password: User can update/his/her account password.
  • User can raised the Ticket
  • Check the Ticket History
  • User can Update the Ticket
  • Can check the Knowledge Base

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