Insurance Management System in PHP and MySQL

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Insurance Management System (IMS) Package Includes

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  • Project PPT

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Insurance Management System

In this project, we used PHP and Mysql database. It has two module

1.User Module

2.Admin Module.

User Module:

In this module, there is Two Section

1.Insurance: In this section, user can apply for a policy and check his policy is approve or reject(which is done by admin).

2.Ticket: In this section, user can raise ticket against any to complain and see the status of his/her ticket

User can also update his/ her profile, change password and recover password.

Admin Module

In this module, there are seven sections

1.Dashboard: In this section, admin can see all the detail in brief.

2.Insurance Category: In this section, admin can manage categories(add and update).

3.Insurance Subcategory: In this section, admin can manage subcategory(add and update).

4.Insurance Policy: In this section, admin can manage insurance policy(add and update policy).

5.User Detail: In this section, admin can manage all user detail.

6.Policy Holders: In this section admin can manage all insured policy. Admin can view policy on the basis of status(pending policy, approved policy and disapproved policy). Admin also can approve the pending policy.

7.Tickets: In this section, admin can view detail of issues raised by the user and can also update remark on particular tickets.

8.Reports: In this section, admin generate between dates report of ticket generation and policy request.

9.Search: In this section, admin can search ticket and policy.

Admin can also update his profile and change his password.

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