Yoga Classes Registration System using PHP and MySQL

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Yoga Classes Registration  System (YCRS)

YCRS Package Includes :

  • Full Source Code of the project.
  • Project Report ( in doc and pdf format).

Project and Report are Downloadable immediately after payment made successful.

The main objective for developing this project is to provide an easier way to book for yoga classes session and save time. In Yoga Classes Registration System we use PHP and MySQL database. This project has two modules i.e. admin and use


  1. Admin: In this section, admin can update his/her profile, Change password and logout.
  2. Dashboard:  In this section, admin can briefly view total new booking, total approved booking, total cancelled booking, total booking, total read enquiry, total unread enquiry, total enquiry, and total classes.
  3. Classes: In this section, admin can manage classes(Add/Update/Delete).
  4. Pages: In this section, admin can manage about us and contact us pages.
  5. Booking: In this section, admin can view new, approved, cancelled bookings and also give a remark.
  6. Report: In this section, admin can view the enquiry details and check booking details in a particular period.
  7. Enquiry: In this section, admin can view and maintain the enquiry.
  8. Search: In this section, admin can search for booking details with the help of his/her booking number.

User(not need to register himself)

  1. Home: User can visit the website and check the detail of yoga classes.
  2. Classes: In this section, user can view detail of yoga classes and book yoga classes.
  3. About Us: User can see the details of the website.
  4. Contact Us: User can see the contact detail and contact with the website administrator.

Project Screens

Home Page


Class Details Page

Yoga_Classes_Registration_System_Single_Class_Detail (1)

Admin Dashboard

Ycrs Admin Dash Board

Manage Classes page

Ycrs manage Classes

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