Online Cloth Rental System using PHP and MySQL

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“Online Cloth Rental System” is a web based application which helps to investigate and relate different functional operation and technical requirement of a dedicated cloth rental stores. The introduction of numerous clothing rental platforms in recent years has made the clothes rental model widely used. This essay argues the need for a clothes rental model amid the sharing economy’s boom based on the assumption that the sharing economy is rapidly developing. The main of this web applications is to provide a platform for users and rental cloths owners in an effective and efficient manner.

MODULES : This project contains two modules, those are

  • Admin
  • User

Admin Modules

This module provides administrator-related functionalities. The administrator manages the entire application.

Dashboard: In this section, admin can briefly view the total orders, total new orders , total packed orders , total dispatched orders , total in transit orders, total out for delivery orders, total delivered, total cancelled, total return dresses and total registered users.

Category: In this section, admin can manage category of dresses (add/update/delete).

Subcategory: In this section, admin can manage subcategory of dresses (add/update/delete).

Rental Clothes: In this section, admin can manage dresses (add/update/delete).

About us: In this section, admin can update about us of webpage.

Contact us: In this section, admin can update contact us of webpage.

Orders: In this section, admin can view the order details and they have also the right to change order status according to current status.

Reviews: In this section, admin manage the reviews which is given by users.

Enquiry: In this section, admin can manage the enquiry which is asked by users.

Search Order: In this section, admin can search particular order with the help of the order number.

Reports: In this section admin can view order details and sales reports according to dates.

Registered Users: In this section, admin can view registered users.

Subscribers: In this section, admin can view the emails details which is subscribed by uers.

Admin can also update his profile, change the password and recover the password.

User Module

Home PageIn this section, users can view which dresses is available on the website

My Accounts: In this section, users can his/her password, view and update his/her profile and log out from accounts.

My orders: In this section, users can view order history after login.

CartIn this section, the user can add the dresses which he/she want to order.

WishlistIn this section, the user can add dresses to the Wishlist.

Reviews: User can give reviews on the dresses which is rented by them.

The user has also a facility to download his/her invoice and cancel orders if he/she wants to cancel.

Brief Information about the Homepage

On this page guest users (users who are not registered) can view the dresses, subscribe and sent enquiry. Guest users can also sign up and the registered users can sign in.

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