Laundry Management System Using PHP and MySQL

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Laundry Management System (LMS)

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Laundry Management System (LMS)

In this project, we use PHP and  Mysql database. It has two module

1.User Module

In this module,

  1. User Signup – In this section user can register himself. After successful signup, he/she can signin into the system.
  2. Dashboard: In this section, the user can view the status of his laundry request and price of the laundry.
  3. Laundry Request: In this section, user can sent the laundry request by filling the laundry detail form.
  4. Request Status: In this section, user can check his/her laundry request status which is done by admin(means his/her request is at what step).
  5. A user can also update his/ her profile, change the password and recover the password.

2.Admin Module

In this module, 

  1. Dashboard: In this section, admin can see laundry request of all user(means how many are a new request, accept the request, in-process request and finish request) in brief.
  2. Reg Users: In this section, admin can view user detail and update user detail.
  3. Laundry Request: In this section, admin can see the detail of the laundry request and also change the stage of the laundry request.
  4. Manage Laundry Price: In this section, admin can change the laundry price according to a market price
  5. Reports: In this section, admin can see the laundry request according to dates and admin can also count request on the basis of month and year.
  6. Notification: In this section, admin gets the notification if any user request for laundry.

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