Online Course Material Management System using PHP and MySQL

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The application is named “Course Material Management System” which is a web-based application. This application will be most convenient for user’s study purposes and they will be benefited most. Because this application has beneficial and helpful features exists which will be used by the user. In this application, there have two panels i.e., Admin and User panel.

Admin Panel:

Dashboard: In this section, admin can view all the detail in brief like Total Courses, Total Classes, Total Subjects, and Total Registered Users.

Class: In this section, admin can manage the class(Add/Delete/Update).

Subject: In this section, admin can manage the subject(Add/Delete/Update).

Course: In this section, admin can manage the course(Add/Delete/Update).

Reg Users: In this section, admin can view the registered users’ details.

Reports: In this section, the admin can view the details of the course uploaded in a particular period according to class.

Admin can also update his profile, change the password and recover the password.

User Panel

User(User) can log in with a registered mobile number or email and password. Users can view and download any course according to their class course.

User can also update their profile, change their password and recover their password.

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Edwin Mkandawire
Edwin Mkandawire
January 10, 2024

It is a good project

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