Pre-owned/Used Car Selling Management System using PHP

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Preowned/Used Car Selling Management System  (POCMS)

POCMSPackage Includes :

  • Full Source Code of the project.
  • Project Report ( in doc and pdf format).
  • Project PPT

Project and Report are Downloadable immediately after payment is made successful.

Pre-owned/Used Car Selling Management System using PHP is meant to give people a better and trustworthy platform where they can sell and buy cars of their own choice and obviously on their own terms and condition. With the help of the internet and computer systems, a man from a remote area can buy/sell his car from anywhere in the country/world. Through this system, if any inquiry occurs it is corresponding entries are done automatically because the database management system gives the facility of having the relationship between the tables.

In this project, we used PHP and  MySQL database. It has two modules

  1. User
  2. Admin

User: Users can view the website and check out the information about cars and they can also inquire about the car.

Admin Module

  • Admin is the superuser of the website who can manage everything on the website. Admin can log in through the login page
  • Dashboard: In this section, the admin can see all detail in brief like the total car company, Total Enquiry, and Total Car Listed
  • Company Info: In this section, admin can manage car company information (add/update).
  • Car info: In this section, admin can manage car information(add/update).
  • Inquiry: In this section, admin can view and maintain the inquiry.
  • Search Enquiry: In this section, admin can search inquiry with the help of the inquiry number/name/email/contact number.
  • Pages: In this section, admin can manage about us and contact us pages.
  • Admin can also update his profile, change the password and recover the password.

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